New Short Story for Kids written by: Jennifer Gonzalez (11 years old – Cuba).

Once upon a time there was a small town where ambition and greed were reigning, and, to make it worse, they did not trust each other.

But there was still hope, friendship hope, due to a real friendship.

Three girls, very different and similar at the same time, were very good friends. Their parents did not want them to be friends because Patrice´s parents were so ambitious; Linda´s parents did not even trust her, and Jen´s were the mayors of the town, they actually created all of that.

She treated each other like sisters anyway.

Short stories - The princess and the dragon

An awful day, evil creatures appeared and kidnaped Patrice.

Jen and Linda were looking for her during days; one day went inside a cave and discovered a map. The map had the indications to find a secret place bellow ground. They had their first discussion arguing about who had to go to that place, because it was dangerous. Jen said:



– “I must go, because my parents created those monsters!

Linda replied:

-“Things are not like that, if your parents are so bad is not your fault. If you get injured, everybody will know and your parents will continue being bad. Nobody will notice if I go”.

– “Stop!” – screamed Jen – “We will go together, and if something happens to us…well, let´s better think about how to get bellow ground”.

Just in that moment, Lila pushed a button and a stairs going bellow ground appeared.

-“Who goes first?” – asked Jen.

-“Both together” – said Linda.

The way was so scary, they met a goblin on the way that asked them a difficult riddle they had to solve to continue their way. Nobody had ever solved that riddle before…

– “What can be more powerful than any other thing in the world, but this town does not have it?” – asked the goblin.

And the two girls said at the same time: FRIENDSHIP ! 

– “No! Nobody has solve it before! what can be more powerful than that!!” – screamed the goblin angry.

Later, when the girls were feeling safe, saw the most awful and powerful creatures, those that had kidnaped Patrice.

The queen of the creatures said:

-“Haha, look who is visiting us! scared girls that don´t know what awaits them”.

– “That is not true! we came to rescue Patrice by hook or by crook! free Patrice!. Our friendship is stronger than our lives”.

Many colors covered the cave, the three girls gripped their hands and said:

“Our friendship will save us, our friendship will save us, our friendship will save us…” 

Repeated those words, over and over; until suddenly, the evil creatures disappeared and they appeared in town.

The girls were shocked; saying:

-“It looks like were the evil creatures who made the town evil”.

They went home, and nobody remembered anything since the evil creatures had arrived and enchanted town.

Jen, Linda and Patrice could remember everything, because they had discovered it, and did not want to forget the marvelous experience that taught them how important is to help your friends, and friendship value.



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