Short Story written by: Katherin Martinez

Once upon a time, there was a princess called Lily, who was very conceited. One day, her father Marcus ordered the servants to clean up the waiting room because the deputies from France were coming.

Lily´s mother was a really bad person. She ordered her servants to clean her dirty feet. Lily was calmer than her sisters; Lulu, Pipi, Sissi, and the youngest, Mimi.



Everybody in the school of princesses thought that Lily and her sisters were the most pretty princesses.

One day, a new girl called Sophie arrived. Lily was very jealous of her because she caught everybody´s attention at school.

Lily asked her father to expel Sophie from school, but her father was not allowed to give those type of orders and so Lily said that she didn´t want silly parents. Then she told Sophie that she would never be prettier than her. Sophie said that they were both pretty and Lily had to agree and was not jealous of her ever again. Since then they have become very good friends.




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