New Short Story for Kids written by: Rosa Maria Martin – Moreno navarro.

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…Sadness prevailed in his house. His parents did not know where to take him to treat his strange illness. One night, the clouds disappeared and the moon appeared shining so intensely that all the streets seemed illuminated by lots of lampposts.

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Matthew could barely look outside the window. Finally, he opened his weak eyes and saw the moon smiling at him, Matthew asked her:

“Where have you been the whole time? I have been looking for you night after night, but I couldn’t find you, I am ill, so I wanted to say goodbye, because the doctor says that I will probably have to go somewhere really far from here and I won´t be able to see you”.



The moon approached the window slowly, and said:

“Dear friend, I have been sleeping every night, to recover all the brightness the stars took from me during the summer. Now I have so much energy that I want to give some to you, so you can keep looking at me every night, because if you were not at your window, I would be so sad and lonely that I would not shine this way ever again. You gave me your friendship when you were a baby, and I knew you were always there even when I couldn’t see you. So, open your window and close your eyes, you will have a surprise…”

Matthew got out of bed, it was a miracle, he could walk barefoot even though could barely walk. He went up the window ledge, opened it and closed his eyes. The moon raised two shiny arms and held Matthew in her arms. She hugged him with affection transmitting an intense and warming heat.

The next morning, Matthew´s parents opened his room door and found him jumping happily on the bed, completely recovered. His parents were shocked, and called the doctor to find out what had happened, but the doctor shrugged his arms and said:

Science is ac mystery! The kid is completely healthy!”.

Matthew said smiling:

“My friend the Moon healed me so I would keep looking at her though the window. And I won´t be sad when she sleeps, because friends always find a way to spend some time together“.

And that is the end of the story…


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