Short Story for Kids written by: Sergio (Argentina)

I have a passion since I´m small. Cars! I collect them, I have small and big. When I go to main square my dad rents me a kart, and I am a real driver!, and I´m fast, of course. I drive on the pavement like if it was a real race kart. I train too much to be the best. Sometimes, if I see another boy driving a kart, I try to have a race.

My neighborhood organized a race at the main square for Children´s day. I knew it was my chance to be a Champion. I was so happy that I convinced my friend Maxi to come to the race with me. I knew it was a risk because he is one of the best also, but this way, if we won, we would both enjoy it, and it would not be so hard in case we lost.


It was two days before the race, and were the longest days I ever lived.

I wore my runner suit for the first time the day of the race, I went very early to rent the best kart, I tried different karts to choose the fastest; I finally chose the number 5, which my dad called Mach 5, i don´t know why…

The race consisted in driving four laps around the block, so the streets were closed to other vehicles.

A man gave us the signal for the start, I began to pedal the fastest I could to arrive the first to the curve, but I  was blocked and arrived the third at the curve. The runners in front were trying to stop me, but I knew there were still three laps left.

I almost passed the second runner at the second lap, but a boy in a green kart hit me making me lose the control for a moment. I recovered and I reached the second position again. There was just one lap left and one car left, we reached the last curve together, I knew he was going to block me so I anticipated taking the curve wide, slowed down later and then I passed the other car and we began to drive in parallel crossing the final line at the same time. When we stopped I saw it was Max, we hugged each other and they told us that it was a tie. It was a great day.


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