Short Story for kids written by: Carlota Suárez villaberde y Daniel Avila López.

The princess was in love with a young man, she always saw him from her high tower. He was really handsome, with dark hair, clear eyes, pallid skin and smiling all the time. He seemed not to have any worries, he was happy.

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Apparently, he was a young boy from a village who once carried packages in a wheelbarrow. Although being poor and being a peasant he always worked with a big smile on his face.



– “He seems happy” – the princess would say.

In spite of having everything she wanted the princess was not that happy. And she wondered:

– “Why is that guy so happy? He doesn´t stop smiling, how can that be possible?”

One day, the peasant knocked on the door of the castle where the princess was living. A guard opened the door:

– “What do you want?”

– “I have come to bring food packages to the princess”.

After hearing the conversation the princess went running to the door, because she had ordered those packages so as to be able look at him closely.

– “Are they for me!” – said the princess.

– “Yes. Here they are!”.

The peasant put them on the floor and when he was about to leave, the princess asked him:

– “Can you stay here for a little while?”

– “No, I´m sorry, I have to go home to my wife…” – he replied.

She was very sad. Tears ran non stop down her cheeks.

The next day the peasant´s wife was imprisoned for a crime she hadn´t committed. The young man soon went on to marry the princess. Now she was happy, or that´s what she thought. But the young man, just to please the princess´s desires, never smiled again.

The princess had always got everything she wanted and as always everything was going her own way, but she had to stop being so selfish.

After some time, the princess realized that she had made a big mistake and tried to rectify it. She explained to the peasant that she had imprisoned his wife for love, but that it did not justify anything.

So the princess freed the peasant´s wife from the cell so they could be together again and be happy.


Moral of the short story: Nobody should think they are better than others just because of their power, or this will cause sadness. Be happy with what you have got and help the others to be happy too.

Values of the story: Tolerance, love and respect.


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