THE TALKING CAR (first part)

New Short Story for Kids written by: Maria de los Angeles Morales Dominguez.

Once upon a time…

There was a kid called John who had a toy car that he used to take with him everywhere. It was his favourite toy.

One day he was playing with his car at home, when he heard a voice saying:

– “Don´t throw me so hard, I might break!”

fairy magic toy car short story

John looked around to see where the voice was coming from. Nobody else was in the room and he was alone.

-“Here! It´s me, don´t you see me? I’m down here!” – said the voice.



John looked down and found that it was the small car talking to him, so, he said:

-“You can talk?”

-“Yes, like you” – the car answered.

-“But cars don´t talk!” – replied John.

– “I do” – said the car.

John was very happy, and from that moment, the boy and the car had long conversations and so much fun.

One day, John arrived home from school and ran into his room to see his friend the car. He asked him how his day had been, but the car didn’t say a word.

-“What´s wrong, dear friend?”- asked John.

– “I am a bit sad because when you go I have no other friend to talk to”

– “Don´t worry I will bring you some friends to stay with you” – John said.

John went to the toy shop the next day and with his savings bought a beautiful van, a big red truck, a racing motorbike, a sailing boat and a big yellow plane. John spent all his money….


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Moral of the story: If you have a lot, you may feel good or you may not. But if you share what you have you will be doubly happy for sure and you will also make another person as happy as you are. And this is even more gratifying.

Values of the story: friendship, sharing what you have with others.


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