Short Story for girls and boys written by: Dani.

Once upon a time…

There was a girl called Lucy, who lived in a very small town. She had always wanted to have a pet, but her parents didn´t want her to have one because they said it was a big responsibility.

The girl was very sad, and her parents hated to see her like that. They felt great empathy for Lucy and so decided to buy her a pet, but unfortunately they didn´t have enough money.

frog short story girl toad

That afternoon, the girl went out to the park and saw a little toad, she liked him so much that she took him to her house. On the way home she gave him a name: Ronny.



When she arrived home, her parents saw the toad and said:

– “What are you doing with that toad?”

And she said that as they could not buy her a pet, she had decided to take the toad.

Her mum and her dad got a bit annoyed, and told her that they were not going to take care of the toad. They wanted to take him out of the house, but Lucy promised she was would take care of him and that they didn´t have to worry.

Her parents trusted her and let her keep it, on the condition that she would be responsible and take care of him on her own.

After a few weeks, Lucy forgot to give him food and water. Her parents noticed this and warned her to be careful. They preferred her to set the toad free until she was old enough to have a new pet she could take care of better.

Lucy accepted this but the toad waited for her at the same place, and she visited him ever day.




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