Short Story for Kids written by: Chikiy Jhon.

Once upon a time…

There was a little ant, his name was Richard, but his friends called him Little one, the smallest ant; but he did not like that name at all, he wanted them to call him Richard. So he left his house.

Short stories - Tip, the curious ant

Richard went to a place called Tiarsa; his new home was John and Elisabeth´s house. They were married, and did not have children, but the ant loved them so much that one day dared to go up Elisabeth´s arm and talked to her.

When Elisabeth saw him, got very frightened and wanted to kill him, ran outside to the road and a car ran over Richard.

Fifteen days later, his friends found out and went to look for him. Took so much care of him, and Richard realized that he really loved his family, and was very happy with his friends and family since then.


And that is the end of the story…

Moral of the Story: Never disregard your friends, you will always need them.

value of the Story: To love.


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