Short Story for boys and girls written by: Edgardo Luciano Camarero.


…The prince knew that the question was really difficult, and thought it was going to take him more than 5 seconds…He made a great effort, and three thousandths of a second before the time finished, he exclaimed:

– “3.838.214!!!”


- “Well done!” – said the voice – “Continue on your way, you just have one question left”

The prince kept walking through the dark corridors, watching out for everything around; suddenly he saw a light shining at the end of the corridor coming from a door, the prince ran to reach the door, but this closed brusquely and sirens were heard, the voice spoke again:



“This is the last question you have a few seconds to solve. You still have one mathematical problem to solve before these walls close in and turn you into a human strainer!…And the question is: If you add 18 to a number and then subtract 53 and the result is multiplied by 3 the final result is 195 ¿What is the first number?”

The prince had never faced a mathematical problem like this. He solved difficult problems, but none like this. His nerves betrayed him, seeing that the pointed walls were closing in to end his life, he  could not concentrate on solving the question.

There were only two centimeters of space left before the mathematical prince would be squashed and begin his long journey to heaven. Suddenly the correct answer came to his mind:

– “100,  number 100!!” – exclaimed the prince.

At that moment, the walls stopped thus saving the prince´s life. He ran towards the exit where his father was waiting.

– “Son” – said King William – “What are you doing coming out this most dangerous mortal trap?”

– “I got lost looking for the park” – said the prince – “And I got in there accidentally. But it was very funny, I almost died in the end, but I knew the answer before the walls stabbed me”.

– “Son” – the king added – If you weren´t spending the whole day shut in your room studying maths, the worst possible end would have happened to you. I apologise for trying to separate you from that activity. Now, you can continue doing what you were doing, if you want”.

– “Yes, dad” – said his son – “I´m going to continue what I was doing: Looking for the way to the park. I have been meditating and I think the best thing is to go out and breath some fresh air. Maths are so useful for people in everyday life, so we don´t have to stop studying it, even if it seems to be the most boring subject in school. But to stay all day shut up in my room, away from the world doing only one thing is not good either.

I understand that it is good to go out, hang out with all kinds of people, especially those of my age. That is why from now on, I am going to study and to have fun at the same time. I´m not going to be shut in the whole day without talking to anyone. I will dedicate the first hours of the day to my school studies and after finishing my homework, I will go out to play with my new friends. Thanks dad”.

The prince was never alone in his room again. When he arrived from school he did his homework and then went out to play with his friends.

And he lived very, very happily for the rest of his life….And that is the end of the story…





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