Short Story written by: Yeisly Carrero

Once upon a time there was a little princess who really loved sleeping. It was very hard to wake her up every morning.

One day, her mother, the Queen, woke her up earlier than usual. It was difficult at the beginning, but finally, the princess woke up.


Short stories - The princess and her swift horse


“Wake up dear, You have to go to school”.

– “Five more minutes mum.” – the princess would always say.

But she woke up, had breakfast and got ready for school, but it was still too early so she went to her room to play with her dolls and watch tv before going to class.

She also enjoyed looking out of the window and seeing the beautiful morning and all the little animals outside.

That day, the princess asked her mother to wake her up early every day. She had enjoyed that morning before going to school and wanted to do it every day.

The princess has always woken up early since then, and she understands that it´s better to have time to get ready and to wake up early so as to make the most of the day.




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