Short Story written by: Juan (73 years old)

Missi was an old woman who lived in a town surrounded by mountains. She had no heating and the town was very cold during winter, so Missi used to collect firewood and light a fire in the fireplace in her cute house.

One day Missi went to the hills to collect more firewood when she met a little snow bird on the way who started to follow Missi, so Missi asked her:


“Hi little bird! I guess it is going to be a really cold winter, otherwise you wouldn´t be here, would you?”

And the snow bird answered: “Yes, it´s going to snow, so it will be very cold.”

-“Oh, I should hurry and collect as much firewood as I can! but i won´t be able to carry it all.” – said Missi.

-“Don´t worry” – said the smiling bird – “I am going to look for a friend to help you.”

And the little bird flew off to look for her friend the gorilla. When the gorilla heard that an old woman needed help, he said without any doubt: “Of course I will help her! We have to rush, it is getting colder”.

And they both went back to find Missi to help her carry the firewood.

-“Thank you so much for helping me, I am too old to bear such weight” – said the woman.

That night, Missi invited them to a cup of hot stock to thank them.

Thanks to the snow bird and the gorilla, Missi had firewood for the whole winter and didn´t need to go to look for more in the hills.





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