Short Story written by: Claudia Aguilera.

When holiday season arrives, many fairies come to our world flying at night time, so nobody can see them. They are all very pretty, but there is a special one called Sophie, she is really pretty, with long red hair, green eyes and white skin. She lives in the forest with her parents.

She is mixed birth, half human, half fairy. Her mom is hundred per cent fairy. Is the first time she comes to humans´ world, she is ten years old, lives in the forest where all the fairies live. Is so happy flying so fast at night, over the sea, the parks, the roofs and the trees. The fairies meet in a secret park to rest every time they come to our world, form a circle, bring crowns of flowers and colorful wings, drink grape juice and cider.

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During the beautiful night, with full moon and shiny stars, the fairies sing and dance near the lake with beautiful swans and a magic orange fishes that turn into birds when go out of the water.

Everything was so peaceful until a harpy arrived, she was a fairy before, but she didn’t act so good, so, the fairies turned her into that, she is called Desiree.

The fairies were scared; Esther, the oldest fairy, asked:

– “What are you doing here? Are you not supposed to be death?”

– “Oh, darling, I will never die, I came to see how are you doing, and I see that you don’t want me here”.

– “You chose your way, we were your friends and you decided to use your powers against humans”. – replied Esther.

– “I don’t understand why you have affection to humans, they are cruel to us, and we should do the same”. – said Desiree.

– “Not at all, what do you want? leave us alone and leave humans too!”

-“Never!” – said Desiree – “I’m going to dominate the world!”

Suddenly, the harpy hoisted into the air and a terrible wind began, the trees were intensely moving, a fire started around the forest, the other fairies began to cast spells on her, but she was so powerful that they couldn’t do anything.

Little Sophie was looking angry at Desiree, casting some spells, but Desiree bewitched her and the girl fainted. Her mom went to see her, was so angry and began cast spells on Desiree, spells that she had never used before, because were very dangerous, but she had to protect her daughter. The rest of the fairies did the same, and beat the harpy little by little, Desiree fell on the ground without wings, was dead , and evaporated.

The fairies sighed relieved, they hugged each other and left that place when sun was rising, went to their world. Years passed until the fairy Sophie turned 16, the age of majority in fairies´s world; and had a big party with all the fairies.


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