Short Story written by: Carolina Mora Arévalo

Once upon a time, there was a girl called Sophie who really wished to have a puppy, but her parents were never at home because of their work, so they couldn’t take care of a little dog.

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Sophie tried to convince her parents, but they always said that it was impossible to have an animal because it was a big responsibility. It is not enough to just feed the animal, you also have to play with him, wash him, spend time with him, and actually it is like having  a new member of the family.

They thought that Sophie was too young to understand this as she kept reminding her parents of her wish to have a little dog.

One day, when she Sophie was about to be six years old, her mother decided to teach her how to be responsible with an animal. She adopted a puppy and gave it to Sophie when she came back from school. Sophie was really happy, and decided to call him “Snow coconut shooting star”. Her family tried to explain to her that the name was too long for a dog, but she said that that was his name and also his surname.

But, the most important thing was that Sophie´s mother realised that her little girl was ready to be responsible. Ever since Sophie has had her little dog she has taken care of him, taken him for walks, fed him, brought him to the vet and she has shown her parents that she was ready to be responsible to take care of an animal.


The moral of the story: To be responsible it´s not about the age.


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