Short Story written by: Evelyn Sosa.

Many years ago, there was a girl called Lily who yearned to be a good fairy, is what she had always desired. Surprisingly, one morning, she woke up being a fairy.

The nons were good beings, you would never see a bad non. They met the girl and realized that she is a good person, so wanted to help her.


The nons danced with her, and the other fairies got so pissed off that locked her in a cell. The nons didn’t know it, and Lily used her mind to escape.

When the nons found out, punished all the fairies, the day after, the girl could not see them that sad, so helped them to escape. The fairies felt bad and guilty, so asked her for forgiveness, and gave her real wings and named her the new queen to compensate.

She was a nice queen, and they loved her forever, because she was nice and understandable.



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