Short Story written by: Maria Abreu

Once upon a time there was a young prince who was very grumpy and barely had any friends.

One night he was sleeping when a wise man appeared and said:

-These are the seeds of your life, you decide what to sow – And gave him a pile of seeds.


The grumpy prince was very shocked. He looked on at the wise man’s leaving and then looked at the seeds in his hands – and he started to feel very tired and fell asleep.

The next day when he woke up with the seeds still in his hands he realised that it hadn’t been a dream and decided to listen to what the man had said and went to the garden to sow them.

After some time ugly flowers began to grow and dry roses appeared.

The grumpy prince was very angry with the wise man. Why would he give him such bad seeds? So he went for a walk to forget about it and noticed that all the roses in town were beautiful and colourful, red and shiny, and this upset him even more.

He went furiously back to his palace and there stood the wise man waiting for him:

– The garden is your heart. You must decide your acts by listening to your heart – he said to the prince.

The grumpy prince woke up next morning with those words on his mind and decided to begin the day in a different mood than usual and he started to be nice with people, smiling at everybody.

One day he went into his garden and saw big and colourful flowers. He couldn´t believe it, what a surprise!

But then he noticed something strange, and when he got closer, he saw that one of the roses was trembling. Suddenly that red rose turned into a beautiful woman.

Those seeds were magic and the prince had learnt his lesson. He married the beautiful woman and wasn´t grumpy anymore.




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