Short Story written by: Valeria (Argentina)

Candy loves animals, especially those with wings because she has always dreamed of being able to fly.

She sits by the window of her room for hours, looking and waiting for her friend Lolo to come.

Short stories- The bird and mr red heart

Lolo is an orange bird that visits Candy every afternoon.

-” I would love to fly like you…” – she says.

One day, Lolo went to the window to see her friend, but Candy wasn´t there. She had gone on holidays with her parents.

Lolo searched and searched for his friend for days, and he didn´t even care if it was raining or sunny.

When Candy came back home, Lolo was sitting there at her window waiting for her. She was very happy to see him and sat beside him feeding him some bread and talking to him.

It was a fact that they were very good friends.



The moral of the story: Love animals, they are faithful.


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