Short Story written by: Pedro Pablo Sacristán

Peter was a very shy kid who hated birthday parties with other children as he was not able to talk to anyone and did not enjoy them at all. At one of the parties he couldn’t handle it any more and went into a room to hide.

He was sitting on the bed, angry with him self for not being able to talk to anyone, when a little green goblin who was covering his ears appeared in front of him:

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– “Stop screaming!” – said.

– “I´m not screaming” – replied the surprised kid – “I never talk to anyone.”

– “But, why you don´t stop screaming?”

– “What are you talking about, I never say anything!”

– “Your body doesn´t stop screaming, listen to your body language, your hands, your feet. Now, with this pair of magic drops you will feel better and will hear what your body has to say”.

The goblin put the drops behind his ears and Peter could hear his body complaining. His body was saying how uncomfortable it was there, and that it wanted to go home, and that it hated to be so shy.

Peter understood the message the goblin was giving him and during the next few days, understood his body language better.

The next birthday party came and Peter noticed a girl sitting alone at the end of the hall with her body screaming at her. He approached her and taught her the same lesson the goblin had taught him.

Have self confidence, people notice if you are not comfortable with them. Don´t be shy and have self-esteem.




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