Short Story written by: Maria Paz Serrato Piñeros.

Once upon a time, there was a very pretty princess who was living in a faraway castle called Yeyland. Her companion animal was a hairy horse, was the king of all horses.

The princess was married with a handsome prince whose pet was a mare, a beautiful mare who wore dresses, heels and jewels.

Short stories - The princess and her swift horse

The horse was in love with the mare, and was always sending her love letters. She sent him delicious chocolates,and cakes in exchange.

One day, the horse sent her the most beautiful letter in the world, saying:



“thank you mare, for everything you give me, I am more proud of you every day, you are what I have always wanted”.

When the princess discovered their love story was disappointed and chased the horse out of the castle. The mare stayed crying really really sad, and became ill.

The princess realized how bad she had been with the horse and went to look for him. After searching for him for a long time found him skinny, baggy eyed, tired and very dirty.

The princess started crying when saw him like that, then hugged him and apologized for been so evil and separated them. Promised him not to do it again.

Brought him back to the castle and let them to stay together. The more was so happy when he appeared and lived happily ever after.

And that is the end of the story…


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