Short Stories written by: Maria Abreu

Timmy was a cat who loved eating meat. He always dreamt of having a feast of rats. But poor Timmy was scared of the dark.

One night, his owner, Rita went to bed early and turned off the light before Timmy had fallen asleep. Timmy was very scared in the darkness, and suddenly he saw three white shapes jumping on the table and was terrified!


The little cat hid under the table trying to figure out what those white shapes moving and jumping on his table were. He let out a meow and Rita heard him.

When Rita turned on the light to see what was going on Timmy discovered three rats dancing on the table, practicing ballet! He couldn´t believe it. It was his chance to fulfill his dream of having a rat feast.

Timmy ran to catch them but the rats ran into a hole in the wall and disappeared.

After this failed attempt, Timmy decided to go to sleep and forget about them and wait for the next day when he would do everything much better.




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