Short Story written by: Karith Nahanna.

Once upon a time there was a mouse that really liked cheese, and was always looking for it. One day, he met a pretty girl mouse and they fell in love, however she had a friend who was also in love with her.

One day, the mouse went out to look for some cheese and met her friend. He didn’t want them to be together but wanted them to break up and so he set a trap.

Childrens stories - the tiny little mouse


The other mouse was caught by the trap but survived. However, he lost his memory due to the blow he received. The mouse then took advantage of the situation and told the girl that her friend had left her.

She never forgot him and loved him always. Years passed and then they met again. When the mouse saw her he remembered all the good moments he had shared with her, and they got married. They lived happily ever after.


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