Short Story written by: Romina Anabel

Once upon a time there was a little cook living in a faraway town, it was really faraway. She was called Caroline, and was a cute and good girl. Her hair colour was curly and golden blond and so long it reached her waist. Her eyes were as blue as the sky and her lips were so pink that even the roses were amazed by them. She had cute freckles on her cheeks that gave her a touch of mischeviousness.

The faraway town had a king who was always sad, in a bad mood and bored. He ate chips, hamburgers, soda, sweets and all the junk food he could buy, because he did not have any chef in his palace because of his difficult character.


Meanwhile in town, Caroline, the little cook, cooked nice, nutritious meals for the poor kids in town.

One day, she had a great idea. She summoned up the courage to go to the king´s palace to talk to him. When she rang the doorbell, the king opened the door frowning, angry and grumbling. When Caroline saw him she began to play with her curls, nervously, but then took a deep breath and asked the king for permission to use his huge kitchen to cook nutritious recipes for the kids. His facial expression was incredulous that this little girl would ask him something like that.

“What an impertinence!” – thought the king

He looked at her, shocked, angry and dubious, astonished by the willpower, solidarity and bravery of the little girl in front of him. He thought for a second and then allowed Caroline to use his kitchen with an emphatic “yes”.

Caroline jumped for joy and hugged the king. Then she collected pumpkins, chards, tomatoes, aubergines, peas, carrots and many vegetables from her family´s vegetable garden.

The king could not resist the temptation to visit the kitchen and smell the exquisite aroma coming from there. He wanted to see the delicious meals that Caroline was cooking. When she saw him, she invited him to taste the flavoursome, aromatic and nutritious stew that she was cooking.

From that day on, the people from that faraway village have a happy king, who holds a big ball in the palace garden with the kids of the village and shares his big table full of delicious food with the people from the town. Caroline has many kitchen assistants and even the king has learnt to cook as he now appreciates healthy food, fresh and colourful!

And this is the end of the story!


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