Short Story written by: Nuria Fernandez G.

Peter was a happy kid. He was always very fortunate and would say that it was thanks to the bracelet he had found on the beach when he was six.

He always won every game he played with his friends and they all wanted to be at his team or have a bracelet like his.


When summer arrived Peter and his family went to the beach for their holiday. He was very happy until one day comng out of the water he noticed that he had lost his bracelet!

He cried and cried and told his mum that he wouldn’t be lucky anymore because he had lost his bracelet. His mother tried to cheer him up saying that he had to think positive, that his luck wasn´t because of the bracelet, but he didn t believe her.

When he was back at home he didn´t want to play with his friends, thinking that without his bracelet he would never win again, but after a while he went to play with his friends.

At the beginning Peter wasn´t in the mood to play, but after playing some games he started to enjoy himself and to win again.

From that moment he realised that he didn´t need a good luck charm, he just needed a positive attitude and belief in himself.




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