There once was a lemon called Littlelemon who lived in the refrigerator of a Spanish house. This lemon was so sweet that when the family saw it they decided to save it to make a wonderful cake.


Littlelemon realized he was special, but he didn’t want to be different and so he started to cry because he just wanted to be normal, like other lemons.  “Buaaaaaaah, I just want to be a normal lemon, buaaaaaaaah,” he cried.

Miss Orange, his neighbour in the fridge said to him: “Don’t cry Littlelemon, they have saved you for cakes, do you know how special that is? Only the best lemons get chosen for cakes!”

Littlelemon stopped crying and realised his neighbour was right.  “You’re right! Thank you Miss Orange for making me realise that I should accept who I am and be proud of it.” he said.

From that day on Littlelemon was very proud of himself, and he went on to make the best cake ever.

The End

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