Short Story written by: Franxeskitax (Chile)

Once upon a time there were a caterpillar and a rose, the rose was under the trunk of a leafy tree and used to make fun of the caterpillar everyday, calling her ugly. The caterpillar was more sad everyday. Every night, she asked to the moon to be as pretty as she is, but it looked like the moon did not listen to her.

The rose was making fun of her increasingly, and the other roses began to do it too. The rose felt protected under that leafy tree, which was making her more beautiful by covering her. But in reality it was hiding her real way of being, actually, the rose and the other roses were so empty inside that their only worry was what the caterpillar was doing.


As days passed, the rose got the bird mocking the caterpillar too. They were free, could fly so high and admire her beauty. The caterpillar admired them, but she was more sad because their words were painful, the mock was intense and sometimes she wished to disappear. The birds only visited her to make fun of her.

Days and months passed, and the caterpillar was more sad every day, crying more and more; but one day, something wonderful happened. The caterpillar left her chrysalis and became a beautiful butterfly: She could now fly away like the birds, be as pretty as the roses…she was very happy, she never lost hope.

The caterpillar, who had always been beautiful inside , was now beauty outside too. And the beautiful butterfly flew high observing the old trunk that was covering the roses and their petals, beautiful before, but now were shriveled, and the wind was taking them away, leaving a dry stem instead.



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