New Short Story for Kids written by: Silvia Hernandez Suastegui.

Once upon a time, there was a very naughty angel, he liked to ride on skate, jumping from one cloud to another. God, who was always watching him, used to say:

– “Little Angel, be careful, you can fall from the sky and break your wings“.


But the naughty angel really loved riding his skate, until one day happened what had to happen. One day, like any other day, the little angel could not jump to the other cloud and fell down.



He broke his wings falling, and could not go back his house, the Sky. He was so sad.

Malcolm family was relaxed at home, watching tv, when suddenly… boom! a strong noise was heard inside the house; who do you think it was?….The little angel; you my son; that is how you arrived to our house and became part of our family. And you will only be able of going back to the sky when your wings grow again, so, you have to be a good kid for that.

This is the story I told him every night and always payed so much attention, As if I had never told him. He used to open his beautiful black eyes, and his lashes grieved thinking that were going to fall or break, as he used to say when he was little.

Beautiful childhood, trusting and imagining everything. God sent you to come with us, and that will always be a blessing.

And that is the end of the story…

Happy birthday, son!

Moral of the Story: If you listen to good advices and if you are good, you will always be an angel.

Values of the Story: Obedience, goodness.


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