Short Story written by: Xavier Catalán Aznar

Sinta was a green star, (strange, huh?) Well, not all stars are white, Sinta was green and one of the most beautiful stars you would ever see.

It was intensely green coloured due to all the trees living on it, trees covering the star, special trees, tall, strong and magic!

The princess of Sinta, Bibi, and her friends Jango and Solo, lived there and always took care of her. Bibi was beautiful, she had one eye, green hair, three ears, four legs and four arms. Ok, I guess you might be thinking how can she be pretty, but I can guarantee thaT she was the most beautiful living creature there.


Sinta had no roads no castles and no cars, it was simply different, everything was magic.

The inhabitants lived in the trees. Bibi lived in the most beautiful one. When she wanted to visit her friend Titi she only had to say:

– “Take me to Titi´s house” – And the big tree used to carry her walking on his roots to Titi´s place.

One day some strange visitors arrived. They had two eyes, two legs, two arms, two ears, and they came from a blue star.

Sinta´s inhabitants were shocked, but gave them a warm welcome because they didn´t know about hate and fear.

– Welcome, can we help you? – asked Bibi

– We want some wood for our blue star – they lied, (as they actually wanted to cut all the trees on Sinta.)

– What´s that? – asked Bibi

– Don´t you understand? Logs come from trees.

Bibi, Jango and Solo started laughing:

– It’s impossible to cut our trees, Sinta´s trees are the strongest trees in the universe.

This made the visitors angry. Bibi calmed them down by taking them to see her father, the King of Sira.

When they explained everything to the King, he said:

– I know you, years and years ago your star was beautiful and you had everything you wanted. But little by little you used up all your resources because you ignored nature and now you have nothing. I should not help you, but I will give you one opportunity. Take one of my trees with you and plant it, the tree will feed the blue star and will create new trees, and living beings. But you can´t touch the tree and you can´t eat its fruit, otherwise, every tree born from him will die”.

They accepted the deal.

– Do you think they will do what you say? – asked Bibi

– I don´t know, they are silly if they don´t, because their planet would be destroyed again.



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