Poem for Kids by: Mapy Martinez

In a unique world,
Goblins and fairies were living
But peace, the word,
Was not sounding or feeling.
Shouts, fights and troubles,
Were normal for life in there,
Their was always confrontation
They never tried to solve.
And the other animals
living with them nearby
thought that friendship
would some day appear.
But they became very sad,
when their wish was not fulfilled,
Because the goblins and fairies,
were never going to be friends.
But everything changed,
when suddenly, one day,
a terrific ogre appeared
in the forest, causing fear. 
When the goblins and fairies realized
how dangerous the ogre could be,
they decided to find a solution
so the ogre would be beat.
From that day on,
they worked together.
listening with their hearts
And never argued again.
After two days,
the ogre ran away,
and they all celebrated,
a big party was prepared.
From that day on,
Peace, comradeship and happiness
took hold in that place.
A new tradition began,
to remember all that had happened,
All the inhabitants accepted this
and were very excited by it.
Fairies and goblins,
painted their hands in one color.
and they all learnt
an important lesson. 
Peace, dedication and love
will make life more beautiful,
and living together
will be much better.
If you want to imitate them,
you know what you should do,
paint your hands white 
and happiness will be in your life,
because peace will follow you,
and will follow your friends too.

*This poem has been translated and adapted from the spanish poem written by Mapy Martínez. 


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