Our friend Jamie the elephant used to go with his friends from school to play instruments when he was younger.

One day, Jamie went to Annie´s house, one of his musician friends and when he was walking through the park, a little insect got inside his trunk.


Jamie could not stop sneezing and asked for help because he was scared that he wouldn’t be able to play the trumpet again.

A little bird resting in a branch of a tree saw him, and ran to help him.  – “Hello elephant, what´s wrong?” – asked the little bird. – “Well… I have a… a….an insect inside…my trunk…and he doesn’t want to come out”.

The little bird flew on to Jamie´s trunk, put his beak inside it and took out the insect. Thank you so much little bird, now I can still play the trumpet with my friends” – said Jamie.

At that moment, the elephant realised how important was to enjoy time with his friends. Now he is studying at a university, and so doesn’t have much time to play the trumpet, but he still visits his friends when he can, and enjoys every second with them.



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