Short Story Written by: Preeti Bhagat, Singapore.

An ordinary day like any other day of my life begins when I brush my teeth to get ready for school.

No shouting by my mum and dad was strange. There usually isn’t a day goes by when I don’t get a peck on the cheek from mom or a pat and a smile from dad. Maybe they’re so fast asleep that I’d better eat breakfast and skip drinking milk.




I look good in my school uniform. It’s time to rush with my bag in my hand for the bus will leave in 2 minutes according to my watch.

As strange as it may sound, there’s not one single person on the street. No bus no cab just empty roads ahead. With lots of toys and ice cream stands. I don’t want to play as I will be late for school. It’s not so far that I cannot walk to school.

No guard, no friends, no teachers here, has everyone gone somewhere? A shiver runs down my spine instead I want to be home as fast as my feet can take me.

My peace is gone, heavy clouds in the sky just like my heavy school bag in my hand. These books are the only ones with me, walking along an unknown path.

Yes! mum was right they are your best friends if you don’t have anyone else around. I wanted to meet my friend’s and share. You are true friends and I do care. It’s just that every day, I don’t say how much I miss you at home when I play.

I’m home, I’m home but no one is here. I have played with my toys enough. Ice cream cones don’t make me smile anymore. How I wish this would fade away as a bad dream.

I close my eyes with prayers in my mouth for this day should end and my parents should be back.

Get up sweetheart, it’s time for school!’, as mum wakes me up with a grin on her face. ‘Oh mum! you know how much I love you, it’s good to see you every day’.

Tears trickled down my cheek. ‘I know, I know, it’s time for school. Go brush your teeth and drink some milk’. As mum passed by with her usual words, I thanked God for this ordinary day and that I’m blessed in every way.

I hugged my friends at school and shared this: ‘You are my treasured friends, I’m so lucky to see you every day’.

A dream in a dream what a lesson I had learnt, so bless each day even if we think it is an ordinary day.