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Short Story written by: Jose Manuel (Spain).

My name is Lauren, and I am very young, your age, more or less. For some time now, mostly during summer; when I´m on holidays, I like to see de sky. The mix of colors that gives us is wonderful, the oranges, blues, also ochres, browns, dark colors, etc.

There is a moment, in such a range of colors, that the sun sets behind the mountains, and that is my favorite light moment. Is a strong light, blazing, full of strength, the only light I can see in the sky, there is no other like that.




After so many times waiting and looking at her, we are now friends, although we can only stay together for a short time, she leaves pretty fast because her cousin, the moon, comes with her pijamas saying is time to go to bed.


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Short Story for kids written by: Cecijorgesofi.

Hen Mom was very white, had a red crest and had had chicks recently. Today, in spite of her fears, she went out with all her chicks for a walk around the farm.

Sophie did not want to miss it, and went out with her photo camera, that she got to make photos of them for her album.


hen animals farm stories


She was keeping a distance from them, just how her parents had explained her. Suddenly, she began to hear some noises, increasingly strong; so she approached them like if she wanted to talk. Hen Mom was trying to tell her that one of her chicks was missing. Sophie figured out what she was trying to say, and went back to look for the chick.


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Short Story for Kids written by:Katty Herrera.


There was a princess living in a castle; the princess was called Evelyn, she loved to play with dolls and pillow fights.

One day she wanted to play with her sisters, Isabella and Susanne; but that day they were punished.




Her parents claimed Evelyn that she could play with her sisters the next day, but the next morning, her sisters had to travel urgently and it will take them a month to come back.


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Short Story written by: Ana Muñoz Garcia.

Once upon a time, there was a talent show in the castle, the queen loved it. Everything was classic, classic music, classic dances and more other things. But suddenly in the show, a joker appeared; he made everybody laugh except the queen.

She was very angry, because wanted every show to be classic, and the joker was telling jokes, making funny dances…Suddenly, he felt down the floor catching the curtains and breaking everything around the stage.


queen king bedtime Story


Everybody but the queen left running, she was so, so angry, that locked the joker up in a big cage. Suddenly, the princess, the queen´s daughter, appeared; she was really pretty, had long blond hair and went to visit the joker, when she saw him, said:


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Short Story for Kids written by: Alarilla.

Toto was a nine year old boy, who really liked going to class because besides learning lots of things from different subjects, he could play with his friends.

His grandfather John was always taking him to school by the hand to protect him, because they had to cross a few streets where the cars used to go through very fast.

traffic sign short story

One day, going back home coming from school, they were about to cross one of the streets, when a car went through without respecting the zebra crossing and almost hit them.

Toto and his grandfather had a big fright, the car almost ran over them and the driver did not even stop to check if they were right.


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Short Stories for Kids written by: Julieta Anahi Calvielo y Candelaria Belen Nuñez.

Once upon a time there were two mermaids called Juliet and Rose. They were very happy living in the sea, eating sea snails.

One day, a shark girl came and made a trap with lots of sea snails inside, trying to trick them. But the mermaids discovered that the shark had put a net, and they ran far, far away, somewhere very far from the shark.

mermaid short story

They met a friend, called Ariel, the princess of the sea. Played together non stop, had so much fun, doing back flips, swimming around the sea. Were very happy.

Then, went to meet Ariel´s father, who was at the kingdom; and from that moment, they were not afraid of sharks any more. Ate sea snails and were very happy ever after.

And that is the end of the story…


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Short Story for Kids written by: Ismael Suarez Iglesias.

Once upon a time, there was a potato that grew a lot and had arms and legs.

But Miss cauliflower was too small and was not growing. She wanted to grow like the potato, but she couldn´t; one day, the potato disappeared, somebody ate it.


Miss cauliflower was very sad, but she did not take to long to recover, because more potatoes were born.

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Short Story for Kids written by: Blanca Ibañez Garcia.

Once upon a time there was a girl called Mila, she was a genius, was studying at the university with only six years old. Her family was very rich, one day found out that her best friend, her cousin´s neighbor, had to move to Salzburg, because her parents were divorced, and had to go to live with her mother. They wanted to help in every possible way.

Short stories - Springtime and the flowers

Mila proposed her to stay with her at her house, she suggested her to think about it, Mila would love to be with her friend forever. She impatiently expected her friend´s news while was studying.

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Short Story for Kids written by: Renata H.

A day like any other day, Ricky woke up and went to have a bath before being one hour in front of the mirror as usually; to go to see his friends.

-”Hi guys! How are you?” – Said Lily happily.

Ricky thought to himself: “They are so badly dressed; Lily always wearing Lilac clothes! and…oh…that fatty Roky sloppy with his beige shirt, even if he thinks is white…”


- ” Are we going to the party tonight?” – asked Roky.

- “No way, Roky” – said Ricky.

- “Why not?” – asked Lily without knowing what was Ricky thinking about.

- “I don´t tolerare it any more, you are always badly dressed, cheap…”

- “But that is how we dress”.

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Short Story for Children written by: Valenthina Ocampo

Once upon a time…

There was a very short story that had not many words, but, in spite of being short, it was very famous.

The other tales were very jealous of him, is for that reason that nobody read them. But that short story, very short and small, was best seller all over the world.


books Short Stories


One day, the other stories decided to apologize to him, because being small was not his fault, and they did not have to be jealous of him.

After a period of time, all the stories became very famous, like that very short story.


And that is the end of the story…

The moral of the story: Don´t be jealous, if we are not jealous, people will value us better.

Values of the Story: Respect, forgiveness.


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