In a faraway valley lived a family of owls. The parents were Julia and Josh and they had two children, Peter and Joshi.


Peter and Joshi got along very well. They were always playing, flying around the forest and hunting mice together.

One day Peter and Joshi went to hunt snakes with their parents Julia and Josh. When they were near the area where the snakes lived their father advised them: “Now you have to be really quiet and move stealthily”.

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  1. Athena

    What then happened to Peter it’s really a confusing story.
    But at first I thought his dead but in the story it did not say anything about what happened to him next, so when I read his family were very worried about Joshi I knew that he was still alive.
    Please make the other stories more short like, “The Lost Child” I really loved how it was short but made everything clear in a short way.

    • Short Stories

      Hi Athena, We hope it´s clear at the story, The story tells how Peter was able of hunting without any help. His family was worried about him when he disappeared, but he surprised them with a rabbit and a snake. Thanks a lot for yuor advice!