Once upon a time there was a princess called Tanya, who lived in a very, very, very big castle. The princess’s parents, that is to say, the king and queen, wanted her to marry a handsome knight called Norman, who would often visit them to discuss the land they shared, so Tanya and Norman saw plenty of each other.

Unfortunately Tanya didn’t love him. Although they got on well enough, she didn’t much like him, for Norman was very boastful.

One day, Tanya the princess was talking to Norman about the new decorations the king and queen were going to make in the castle, when suddenly Norman changed the subject and said: “Tanya, I like you a lot. In fact, I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

The princess was shocked but instead of firm “NO“, she said: “Norman, you’re a very handsome knight, but I like to be honest with people. So I’m going to tell you what I don’t like about you, which is this: firstly, you’re a show-off, because you like boasting about the clothes you wear when really a person’s clothes aren’t that important; secondly, you spit in the street which is disgusting, and lastly, I’m not going to marry you just because my parents tell me to: I’m going to marry a man I really love.”

Norman reflected long and hard on what the princess had said. To begin with, he felt bad about her opinion of him, but he soon cheered up when he realised that all the things she mentioned were things he could change. It wasn’t his personality that annoyed her, but his behaviour.

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  2. hancockho

    What a gem!!! I found your site on Yahoo searching for something totally unrelated, now Im gonna need to read through the old material So much for free time this morning, but this was a truly awesome find.

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  3. nadra

    I was in bed when my three year old who loves princess stories came and said she couldn’t sleep and asked me to read story for her I was
    Being lazy I didn’t want go and fetch a book so my phone was next to me and want to google and typed short princess stories and this one came up by the time the story ended she was fast a sleep so thank you. Your story was very helpful.

  4. Saralee

    Awesome story. Makes one reflect on how many chances one had to be honest with somebody but hadn’t. And eventually how it ruined a good relationship.

  5. Eshal Fatima

    great story. I learned to be honest to people. Well I am but not very much. Thanks to the writer.


    itxx very gud story..i lyk it

  7. Amira

    I liked the Story , It teaches the Reader a Lesson , And by this I mean that , it is Useful instead of Useless ..

  8. rhian pantor

    Wonderful story my sister learnt a lot

  9. Julie

    Love the story its a big help in my speech class

    • shortstories

      Great! it´s a pleasure being helpful

  10. noumi

    beautiful this story is so beautiful the can’t stop to read it . smile