Once upon a time there was a rabbit that lived on an island full of bamboo canes. He was called Robbie, and every day he would run from his warren at one end of the island to where all the grass grew on the other, dodging the bamboo canes as he went.

One day, Robbie thought: “Why can’t I just go and eat the grass without having to hop round all those bamboo canes?” An idea came to him, and he set to work ripping away the bamboo stalks to create a path straight to his food.

Just as he was pulling out the second bamboo cane, he heard a little voice crying out: “Little rabbit Robbie! Don’t rip out more bamboo, for if you do all of us who live on this island will vanish!!

Childrens stories - the rabbit and bamboo island

Robbie was surprised to hear the voice, and quickly realised that it came from a bamboo cane. He answered: “I’m sorry, Mrs Bamboo Cane, but I’m making a road to get to my food quicker.

But the bamboo cane kept talking to Robbie and told him: “I understand your reasons for pulling us up, but the whole island is in danger if you do!!

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  2. izael

    it`s a nice story i am going to tell pre-k and kindergarten teachers to read it to there students an i am single by the and i am a man

  3. saumitr

    its good but no use for me ..

  4. Tina

    This is a good story I am going to tell my post-k and first grader teachers to read it to their students and I am a lonely single woman.