Short Story for Kids written by: Alejandra, (Argentina).

Philip, the naughty sea wolf is really worried. Sitting on the sand, legs up, he thinks and thinks. Why isn’t the sky as blue as before? When was the last time that the seagull Vonda visited him? Why can´t he swim free?

Before, the sea was transparent and he could go fishing relaxed.

short stories - the-little-tanned-crab

The adventure of searching for food was so much fun! But nowadays, who can get what they are looking for when everything is in such short supply?



The light is limited, the sun’s smell is limited. Everything is limited except the black stain that was born one morning and grew and grew in the middle of the sea. It is implacable, it eats the fish, birds and anyone who comes close suffers the same fate.

The shore is empty, Philip looks disconsolate; A child’s laughter is not heard, and the music he likes is not heard either. The airplanes don´t stop flying overhead.

They attack the stain spraying fluid from the air. The old wolf Nathan, has no answers. Not even his secret investigations can explain what´s going on.

Miss Candy, the loud-mouthed seal doesn´t stop complaining: “It is not right to make our skin so dirty! These stains can´t be removed at all, what do you think?”

The sea is not a rubbish bin, baby wolves can´t swim around alone and play in the waves, it is not right!

The catfish with its big mustache told them in his marine language that he was moving away with his friends.

– “My house is completely destroyed, there is no way out, there is no way out!”

– “And, who can handle this unbearable smell?” – yelled the stuttering crab.

The stain will stay forever if the wind doesn’t blow hard. Many curios baby wolves began to approach it. If the treacherous black stuff catches you, you will end up full of oil. Those who know say that if humans don’t help you the possibilities of continuing to live are also limited.

The little wolves run the risk of loosing their skin’s protection. Philip thinks and thinks every morning, searching for a solution, because the human solution is not good enough.

– “And I don`t want to be a spoilsport but they hang around with that plane spraying whatever it is onto the stain and, well, they must be careful the stain doesn’t eat the sky as well!

But..who suddenly comes dodging through the clouds? ¿Is it her or is it not? Yes! Finally! Seagull Vonda, the travelling seagull has brought answers for sure.

– “I came, I came! I have news, the South is clean!”

All the wolves clapped happily except Nathan.

– “What´s wrong grandpa, aren´t you happy?”

– “We, the oldest, are slow, if we all leave, who will watch over the shore?”.

Philip´s black eyed stare submerged to the bottom of the sea together with his hopes. It has now been several weeks, and the island rocks are deserted, the stain is the only guest on the beach.

Several kilometres away, the seagull Vonda has a difficult job. To guide those clumsy but persistent travellers. Her wingbeat is a moving hope. The little wolf Philip is at the head of the group as their captain, he does not stop singing with the stuttering crab a lo…lo…long song.

Well friends, I think I have to pack and go with them. Migrate; as humans say. I prefer to say that I´m going to look for new hopes and new adventures.


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