Allegra was born in May in Cuernavaca, a city full of brightly coloured flowers.  The weather in Cuernavaca was so pleasant, the grass so green and shiny, and the flowers so colourful that the city was known as the City of Never-Ending Spring.

As Allegra grew, she became friends with Nico and Frida, a little boy and girl from her nursery.  Allegra enjoyed playing with her friends and she also she felt safe playing with them in the big classroom.

Short stories - Springtime and the flowers

One morning, when Allegra arrived at school, she noticed that her friends were not there.  She was very sad.  She started to think that she would never find friends that loved her as much as Nico and Frida, and that made her scared.

Miss Sofia, the teacher, noticed that Allegra was not playing and realised what had happened.  She walked over to Allegra and gave her a big hug.  Miss Sofia explained that Nico and Frida were now a year older so they were in a different classroom.  “When you are their age,” Miss Sofia said, “you can go and join them in their new classroom, but until then, you should make a lot of new friends with the children here.”

So Allegra started playing with other children and became friends with many of them.

One day, Miss Sofia walked over to Allegra with a big smile on her face “Today is your birthday, Allegra” said Miss Sofia.  “You are now a big girl, and you can go and join Nico and Frida in the older kids’ classroom,” she said.

Allegra was very happy, and at the same time she was a little sad.  She had made many new friends whom she really loved, and she was now going to leave them behind.  Miss Sofia explained to Allegra that she would see them again when they were older, in the same way that Allegra had to wait to see Nico and Frida again.  “Friends are forever”, said Miss Sofia, “and even if you don’t see them you can still love them and think of them.

Allegra said goodbye to her new friends.  She was happy and confident that no matter where she went she would make new friends and she didn’t have to stop loving her old friends.

The End

Children’s story written by AIDE GRIJALVA TAMAYO