New Short Story written by: Monica.


….That night they organized a timetable for guarding the vegetable garden, but nothing happened.

- “The rabbits saw us, I guess” – Said John going inside the house, after guarding the garden.

Short stories - The little village sheep

– “So, are not the rabbits, because those animals never give up before eating all the vegetables of the garden”.

-“We have to find the responsible” – Mary said.



John and his son Peter went over each centimeter around the vegetable garden, repairing holes, and building a fence.

They were working on it when Mary called them to tell that had to work in silence because she was hearing something. When they arrived, the three discovered that the animal who was eating the carrots weren’t the rabbits, but Blacky. She was pulling up the leaves of the plants, then took out the vegetables and ate them quiet, looking around, relaxed, like if she wanted them to look at her.

The whole family went to hug Blacky, they were laughing, they had raised her like a family member, they could not be angry with her just because she had ate carrots.

They decided to separate some vegetables for Blacky, to feed her and to not ruin the emerging plants.

Mary´s family realized that they had to change the way they were treating Blacky , because she did not know when to stop eating, she actually was always eating non stop.

Blacky was moved to where the rest of the sheep were, and could only go into the house when Mary had to feed her with the feeding bottle.

Mary´s family decided to not allow Blacky hang near the house, because she was used to stay inside the house, eating everything she found; and that could be dangerous, because she could eat something bad. So she had to live with the rest of the sheep in her habitat.

Blacky lives with her block since then. She eats green grass and is free in the field, eating delicious grass growing healthy and strong.

And that is the end of the story..

Moral of the Short Story: Love the animals!.

values of the Short Story: Love, understanding, patience.


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