Short Story for Kids written by: Monica.

Granny Mary had a black sheep that she had raised. She had to sell Blacky´s mother because had economic troubles, and had to feed her with milk using an improvised feeding bottle with a teat.

To make Blacky eat better, she had to sat her on her own lap, each morning and each afternoon.

Short stories - the little shepherd and his sheep

The little sheep breeding has been raised like another member of the family, she used to go for walks with Granny Mary, and used to hang inside the house looking for food, eating it later outside the house.



They named her, Blacky; when somebody called her by her name, she used to go fast to the place they were; getting food rewards every time she went to the call.

Granny Mary was working on her vegetable garden, removing weeds that had sprouted between the vegetables. She used to repeat this job every time she went to take some vegetables, she stayed there cleaning the grass.

– “John! Can you please come out to the vegetable garden?” – Mary yells to her husband.

– “Yes! let me finish something here, then I´m coming”.

– “Ok, I will wait here for you”.

John, Mary´s husband, is cleaning his horse´s stable, shifting the animal to a corner, to take them later to the place where organic fertilizer is made.

All the substance that could be convertible into new soil is deposited inside a hole in the ground, then covered with soil layers, and then, adding every thing capable of becoming soil again, like dry leaves, paper, little branches, animal wastes, can finally be used as a fertilizer.

-“John!Are you coming or not?”


-“What´s wrong, dear?”

-“Look at the carrots, there are practically none left”

-“Well, I collected the vegetables yesterday and the carrots were fine, very big, actually, but they have disappeared today!”

-“That is impossible!”

-“What is not possible, dear?”

-“They are not here, it looks like some animal has eaten them”.

-“Ok, today we´ll guard the garden to discover what animal is eating our carrots”.

– “I work so hard cultivating vegetables and they disappear like nothing”. – Mary said to her husband.

– Don´t worry, we will put some traps, I think that are the rabbits, those animals really love carrots”.

That night they organized a timetable for guarding the vegetable garden, but nothing happened.


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