There were lots of animals living happily in a forest, but then a group of children appeared and began to live there too.

Their leader was Mark who was very authoritarian. Anna was his friend, although they didn’t always agree with each other.

Childrens stories - The little boy and the forest

Mark woke up one day with an idea: “Let´s cut down all the trees then we will have a bigger place to play”

All the kids except Anna liked the idea. Once she had heard Mark´s announcement she started to feel bad and went off into the forest.

Anna observed all the different animals that were living in the forest and inn the trees, families of birds, squirrels, bears, rabbits, and she realised that cutting down the trees was a very bad idea because it was the animals home.

She ran back to the camp shouting: “Drop the axes! I have a better plan! Follow me!”

All the kids, even Mark, followed her into the forest, until they arrived at a little cabin that Anna had built and she had put lots of games inside. Most of the games were about playing with animals without annoying them.

– “We can´t destroy the place where animals live, we have to respect the environment, I´m sure we will enjoy the forest more with all the animals and the trees.“.

They all agreed and Anna became the leader of the group. Mark also changed his mind and began to respect the forest.




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