Have you ever heard the story of Pita? A squirrel who lost her hair crossing a road?

Pita was a squirrel who lived in a forest.  One day she was about to cross the road when a car passed and blew smoke from its exhaust into her face. Pita began to lose her hair. She wasn´t very worried at first until she noticed that she was going bald.

Short stories - The squirrel and the forest fire

At the beginning she tried to hide this from her friends, as she didn´t want them to see her like that, but little by little she realized that her friends would probably love her anyway, bald or not.

She warned everyone about the dangers on the road and about how toxic smoke from an exhaust can be for animals, humans and, of course, for the environment.

Pita became a teacher, and nobody cared whether she was bald or had hair.





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