There was a pirate ship named “The Black Forest” that was sailed on the seas by only one pirate, Blackbeard.

The whole world knew who Blackbeard was. It was said that the pirate would capture people and kill them on the high seas.

Short stories - the pirates and the lost treasure

One day all the people he had captured came home feeling sad instead of feeling happy to be free. “He is gone!” – they said.

Their families were shocked, “Why aren’t you happy to be free?”

And the newcomers answered, “Nobody has never treated us as well as Blackbeard did. But now he is dead, that´s why we are sad”.

Their families didn´t understand a thing, “But, weren´t you captured? ”

“Captured?” – they answered – “Ha, ha, ha, not at all! He saved us from a shipwreck, and was very kind to us. He gave us food, water and shelter. Blackbeard saved our lives.”

From that day on, Blackbeard was known as the kindest and most generous pirate in the world.



The moral of the Story: Appearances are deceptive, the pirate who looks like the most evil person in the world, is actually the kindest.


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