Every year, the Smith family went on holiday to their favourite campsite which was near to a beach.

But one year they saw something really strange when they arrived. All the huts and bungalows looked filthy and deserted. They were full of spider webs and the water in the pool was totally green.

shortstories ghost

The family were about to get out of their car to see more clearly what was happening, when something unexpected happened: The door to the campsite closed violently and they couldn’t leave.

Suddenly a group of ghosts appeared in front of the car staring at them.

One of the ghosts said: “Tourists! What are you doing here? You have ruined this place! Before this was a place of peace and harmony, and now it’s a cursed campsite!”

The family didn’t understand what the ghost was trying to explain. The ghost kept talking: “50 years ago this place was a field, but humans came and built a campsite and didn’t realise that under this campsite there was an old cementery and now we cannot rest in peace. So we have decided to stay and enjoy your campsite, instead”.

The ghost stopped and looked at the family and said: “But you look nice, Would you like to stay with us at the campsite?”

The mother started the car and drove away destroying the door. She kept driving until they arrived home. It was the most terrifying day of their lives.


The moral of the story: Sometimes it is better to be prudent and ignore dangerous situations.


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