Johnny was a curious six year old boy who was so curious that he had to ask about every single thought he had to his parents and every thing he saw or heard.

If a bird flew by, he asked why. If a frog croaked, he asked his parents why. Actually, he asked questions the whole day.

Short stories - Tip, the curious ant

One day he was playing in the park when he saw an insect. He screamed because he didn’t know what kind of insect it was. His mother, approached to see what was going on. When she saw the insect she started laughing: “It´s just a harmless ant, don´t worry,” – she said.

Johnny kept on playing, running up and down, when saw a group of kids bending down looking at something on the ground, Johnny went to check and heard:

-“We have to kill all these ants”.

But Johnny had just learnt that ants are harmless, and so could not let them kill the little ants; “Stop!” – he screamed.

The other kids looked at him, but after two seconds continued to hatch their destructive plan against the little ants.

“We can´t kill them, ants are harmless!” – insisted Johnny.

“They are on our soccer field and we can´t play football with them here.” – complained a kid

“They are just collecting food to survive the winter.” – Johnny thought carefully and then said – “I got it! Let´s guide them to another place by leaving food on the ground.”

And so they did. The kids left crusts of bread leading all the way to a nest far from the soccer field and this solved the problem.

The kids learnt that day that it is important to respect all kinds of animal or insect from nature, and that there is always a solution.



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