Nora was a 3-year old girl who loved strawberry yogurt, and everyday after dinner ate one.

While her parents were watching TV, Nora would open the fridge and look for a yogurt that were on the highest shelf of the fridge. She couldn´t see them because she was still too small, but always ended up finding one by touching the shelf with her hands.


She then used to sit on the sofa with her parents in front of the TV.

Nora always went to bed late and her parents never said anything to her. They actually liked her to watch TV with them until late, so Nora always did what she wanted.

One day, Nora asked her father to show her the tall shelf. He held her in his arms and showed it to her.

When Nora saw an out-of-date strawberry yogurt at the back of the fridge she asked:

– Why is this yogurt so ugly, dad?

– Because we have left it at the back of the fridge, without caring about what´s good for it.

Some years later, when Nora was eighteen, she arrived home and was very rude and mean to her parents.

Her father asked her mother:

– Why does Nora behave in this way?

– Because we have abandoned her at the back of the fridge for all these years…



The moral of the story: Educate your kid, don´t let them do everything they want+, otherwise they will not learn to value things or people. 


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