Gossy was a giraffe living in Africa. She was a busybody, always looking above the trees to see what others were doing.

One day she saw a lion kissing a zebra. It was shocking as nothing like this had ever been seen before.

She ran to tell her friends: “You will never believe what I have just seen, a lion kissing a zebra! They might be a couple!”


Her friends were horrified: “Oh my God! They should go to prison, let´s tell the judge!”

When they told this story to the judge, who was a zebra, he said: ” You’d better live your life instead of the lives of others.´ You are to much of a busybody and that´s damaging to our community. You have just seen my wife and my son, who was dressed up as a lion. One day you will get into trouble. Anyway, go away and don’t waste your time with your gossip!”

The giraffe had learnt her lesson and she never spied on anyone else again.





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