Short Story written by: Jose Manuel (Spain).

My name is Lauren, and I am very young, your age, more or less. For some time now, mostly during summer; when I´m on holidays, I like to see de sky. The mix of colors that gives us is wonderful, the oranges, blues, also ochres, browns, dark colors, etc.

There is a moment, in such a range of colors, that the sun sets behind the mountains, and that is my favorite light moment. Is a strong light, blazing, full of strength, the only light I can see in the sky, there is no other like that.




After so many times waiting and looking at her, we are now friends, although we can only stay together for a short time, she leaves pretty fast because her cousin, the moon, comes with her pijamas saying is time to go to bed.


But that short time is enough to talk about our things, greet each other, and to become very good friends.

The other day, it was wednesday and I decided to ask her if she did not mind me to introduce her to my friends.

– “Hi Venus, how are you?”

– “I am fine, and you? I´m coming to see you like every day, and I do my daily routine.

– “I have been thinking about something”

– “Tell me, Lauren”

– “Well, we know each other for a long time, we have talked too much, and I have been thinking if maybe…would you like to meet my friends?”

-“Sure, why not, Lauren”

– “I have told them about you already, but they prefer you telling them who are you and what you do”.

– “Lauren, there is no problem, but you know that my job is hard and tired, so I don´t have so much time because I go to bed early”.

– “Yes, I know, I have told them already. I also told them that we could see you early in the morning, when your grandpa, the sun, rises. But, as you can imagine, we are very sleepy and we can only stay with you at twilight“.

-“Ok!, so , see you tomorrow, at the same time as always, by the way; what do you want me to tell them?”.

– “I will introduce them to you, tell them where do you live, what do you do and who is your family, if that´s ok…”

-“Perfect! I like to make my self known, then in school, they explain things about me too complicated, and then is more difficult for me to make friends”.

-“Ok then, see you tomorrow, Venus! Big kiss!”

-“A kiss for you too, Lauren!”

I could not barely sleep that night, because I was so happy that my friends were going to meet venus the day after. I could not stop thinking about how was I going to introduce them, what should I say…

I spent the morning at the beach with my friends, all together, as every day.

I told them that I had arranged to meet my friend Venus before sunset to introduced her. So we planned to meet in my house, I will cook some dinner to eat something while waiting.

We were all together at the terrace of my house, waiting anxious for the sun to set behind the mountains, like every day. But that day was special, not like the others, it was different. We had never been all together looking fixedly to the mountains.


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