Short Stories for Kids written by: Jose Manuel (Spain)

Click to read: HI, MOM VENUS! (FIRST PART)

We had never wished the sun setting behind the mountains that much, but that meant that the night was arriving and, usually we had to separate to go home to sleep, but that night was different, we were all anxious to see the sunset and Venus appearing.




-“Look! Can you see her?” – I said.

– “Where is she?” – Gemma Screamed.

– “There, I think is that one!” – Yelled Adele.

-“Yeeees! That´s her! can you see how shiny she is! I told you ! she is the first appearing at the sky and the most brilliant! – I said.


They all stopped eating and drinking the sandwiches and soft drinks that I had prepared for such an special moment.

– “Hi Venus! How are you? Tired, I guess…”

-“Sure, Lauren, I am pretty tired, but looking forward to know your friends“.

– “Awesome! Look, They are Gemma, Adele and Mary. And you already know me”.

– “Hi Venus” – Adele said.

– “How are you, Venus?” – Mary asked her.

– “Are you Venus, Lauren´s friend?” – Gemma asked her.

– “Well…yes, my name is Venus and I am very good friend of Lauren. I am really happy of knowing you all, but, as I suppose, Lauren has already told you that I don´t have to much time to spend with you, so, if you want, I will talk about me for you to know me, and so we can all be friends”.

The girls stayed quiet, just the noise of some chips being chewed was heard. The introductions moment had just happened, I was a bit more relaxed. I just had to wait for Venus telling them about herself and then know what were they thinking.

– “Hi to everyone! I am Mom Venus, the most early rising of my family, and every morning, I wake up before my brothers and sisters, the planets, even before my grandfather, the sun, that is the reason why some friends call me Morning Star. And I also go to bed early at night, and I am also called The afternoon Star, but I most like to be called Mom Venus.

My early rising is so popular that the name Morning Star has been used since long time ago to say that somebody has found out the news at first time in the morning. So, if you want us to be friends, you have to go to bed early and get up early as I do. You have to know that I don´t live alone, I have brothers and sisters that I´m not sure if you know them all, they are called The planets. Do you want to know them?”.

None of the girls said a word.

-“Ok, I am going to introduce them to you according to how far they are from where I live. One of them is called Mercury, has the same age than my cousin, the Moon, and is the one living nearest our grandfather, the Sun. Is full of rocks and holes called craters which makes very difficult to walk there or ride a bike; the next one is the Earth, which is your planet, then Mars, called The red planetbecause it has many iron on it, what makes the planet red, and shines almost like me.

Me and these three are the smallest siblings, I have other four siblings, my big siblings: Jupiter, is my big brother full of colorful clouds, from red to pink; Saturn is my brother after Jupiter, and it has a big ring around, on where we play when we go to visit him during holidays. Uranus is blue, and lives very far away from our grandfather, so is always very cold there. Neptune is also blue and very cold, is where we spend our summer holidays when is so worm here. And the last one is my brother Pluto, who is yellowy.


Click to read: HI, MOM VENUS! (THIRD PART)


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