New Short Story for Kids written by: Jose Manuel (Spain)

Click to read:   HI, MOM VENUS! (SECOND PART)

Mom venus kept explaining the girls how was her family.

-“My family is too big, like yours, I have many cousins, which are my siblings´ children, who are living around their parents, and you can see them often, they are called Satellites. 


My cousin, the Moon is the one you know more, she is always near your planet, the Earth, you see her at night, not always, because she likes to play hide and seek and some days you can see full moon, other days she hides and you can only see half moon, because she is very playful.


You might have observed that she does not appear some days, because her mom, the Earth has punished her. But she is always watching you. The light does not reach where my cousin Moon lives, so, my grandfather, Sun, illuminates her, and that is the reason why you can see her at night.

You have to know that I (Mom Venus), I am the responsible of looking trough the window to check if everything is all right, if is clear or cloudy, etc. I keep looking and greeting all the members of my family as they wake up, mis siblings the planets, my cousins the satellites, the stars…” 

– “Hello Polar Star! Tonight we will have a clear night without wind.

– “Venus, welcome! Oh, so nice, I have not seen my cousin The Ursa Minor and my cousin either”.

– “Sure, because the past days have beed cloudy”

– “We have to make the most of the coming days and greet each other and see how everybody is, we are a big family”.

I am the responsible of making everything in order, making everybody stay at home (orbit) on time, this way we get along very well.

And that is my daily job, when I see there are no more problems, I go to sleep, because I am also the responsible of greeting our grandfather the sun in the morning, and tell him how went the night and how will the day go.

My mission is very important, I make everybody living happy and relaxed.



Click to read:   HI, MOM VENUS (FOURTH PART)


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