Short Story written by: Jose Manuel (Spain)

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…I´m going to explain you how is our daily life. We are always exercising, we move non stop around our grandfather, the Sun. We play two games, one is called “Rotate, rotate…” and the other one is called “Move fast”.




As they are so funny, we use to play both games at the same time, and we have so much fun! In the first game we dance always rotating around our own axis, and sometimes, when we are tired of going round and round the same place, we play the other game, which helps us to know other places by moving around our parents, without going too far. We have to follow the ways (orbits) they tell us; you might think they are boring, but I m going to tell you more about them.



When we play “Rotate, rotate”, we can see our grandfather (the sun) and our cousin (the moon) every day, so we keep in touch with them. Our grandfather always wakes us up early in the morning to begin a new day, and our cousin Moon always tells us that is time to go to bed.

Now, I am going to explain you why did we invent the other game; “move fast”. To don´t get bored during the day, always with our grandfather Sun, or during the night, always with our cousin Moon, we move through those ways that our parents has taught us, the orbits; this way, we can wear our clothes and discover many places very beautiful.

We have four seasons to rest when we go around the orbits. The first one is called Spring; is very beautiful, we can see everything covered by colorful flowers and several nice smells. It´s awesome, neither too cold, nor too hot.

Then, we keep moving on the orbits until arriving to the next season; Summer. We remove our warm clothes and our grandpa helps us to get tanned. This is the station in which our parents let us swim at the sea, because the water is warmer, because our grandfather comes closer.

Then, we arrive at the penultimate season; Autumn. We have to wrap up warm, the cold comes back little by little and our grandparent goes a bit farther. Is also beautiful, because we can see the trees becoming brown, the leaves falling down the floor and we take them to collect them, there are so many and so different.

Before going back home again, we stop at the last season, Winter. Our grandfather is too far, and his heat does not reach us, so we have to wear warm clothes. We also have so much fun, white flakes fall from the sky, covering everything. We make snowmen a snowballs fights.

That is our life, always playing, always moving and always having fun. Now, I have to go, because I have to wake up early. I never have holidays, like you. We can continue talking tomorrow, if you are here, and tell me something about you.

Big kiss for you all, Adele, Gemma, Mary…and thanks to you Lauren for having such a nice friends, I hope and I wish to be very good friends of them too, as we are”.



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