Every 31st of October, Kingtown celebrates Halloween, also known as the night of the witches.

Kingtown is a mountain village situated up in the hills and it is always covered with fog at sunset, which makes visibility more difficult for its inhabitants.



One year, at Halloween, everyone was walking to the main square where somebody was telling a scary story, and with the thickness of the fog, it was difficult to see people´s costumes.

Julie was dressed up as a witch, and as she was walked to the square, she felt a shiver down her spine. The nearer she came the more shivers she felt, but she couldn´t see anything because of the fog.

When she arrived at the square she noticed that something strange was going on. Everyone was wearing the same costume. “They are all zombies!” – thought Julie, – “walking to the cemetery”.

A zombi passed near Julie and touched her, she screamed when she realised that it was a real zombi.  She went to see another zombie to check if it was real too or just a costume, but it was real.

Julie ran away from the square trembling with fear, but couldn´t hurry too fast because of her witch costume.

Suddenly someone caught her arm It was a zombie, Julie started to scream “help, help!”, but nobody could hear her. Suddenly, an alarm clock sounded.

It was only a nightmare because of a movie about zombies that Julie had seen the night before. She had learnt her lesson and never saw a horror movie before going to bed again.





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