The day was sunny and Julia woke up with the birds. She was six years old and what she most liked to do was to play with her dolls and eat her brother’s hidden sweets. By the way, he was called William.

Julia´s parents had bought her a toothbrush which they called “Mr. Toothbrush” because they had been to the dentist some days before to check Julia´s teeth.


The dentist had to fill a little cavity in one of her teeth and while he was fixing her molar he told her a funny story:

“Lots of children come to visit me to fix their teeth, but what they don´t know is that they can avoid caries. Do you like sweets, Julia? I am sure you do, they are nice, but you shouldn´t eat too many. Sugar creates caries, so the most important thing is to brush your teeth everyday after every meal with Mr. Toothbrush.”

She listened very attentively to the story, and really wanted to know who Mr. Toohbrush was, “Who is Mr. Toothbrush? – she asked the dentist.

“Well, Mr. Toothbrush is a small brush we have to use everyday to brush our teeth using toothpaste. And if you do it well, you won´t have to visit me for a long time”- said the dentist.

From that day on, Julia realised how important it was to brush her teeth to have a healthy mouth. So every day, after every meal, she would take her friend Mr. Toothbrush and brush her teeth .




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